Two photographers, Moti and Penelope Goldman, have combined their passion for both music and photography and have made it into their profession.

Moti is an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society in Great Britain (ARPS) and has 50 years of photography experience in many fields and has photographed some of the most famous classical musicians in the world.

Penelope is a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society (FRPS). Some of her photographs have been chosen by the British Media Archive for their permanent collection.

Working together, we provide a variety of photography services for musicians, musical institutes and other music and stage related organizations, and our complementary skills and artistic vision, make us a great team.

Specializing mainly in classical and jazz events, our services include:

  • Photography for music festivals, concerts, ballet, operas etc.
  • Portraits for musicians and artists.
  • Photography of musical instruments.
  • Creation of dedicated web sites for musicians.
  • Graphic design of flyers and posters.
  • Design of CD and DVD covers.

The cameras we work with are high quality and completely silent. They never disturb anyone during a concert, even when we are shooting on stage.

Our fully equipped portable portrait studio can travel with us wherever we go for beautiful on-site portraits.

Working internationally, we can travel anywhere for our customer’s needs.