Photography of musical instruments.

Musical instruments are made to very exacting standards and some of them are extremely valuable.
Using our portable studio set-up, we can photograph them on-site.
Here are some examples:

  • A catalog of the entire range of stringed instruments for a US company with workshops in Europe
  • Artistic photos for their website. (see gallery)
  • Rare and valuable instuments


Graphic Design

In addition to our photography work with musicians and musical events, we are also graphic designers.
This means that we have the tools and the expertise to design posters and flyers, publicity and brochures.
Please contact us for a quote.


CD and DVD Covers

p_0027We like to use a combination of photography, graphic design and artistic manipulation when we design CD covers. Our aim is to produce something original and eye-catching.


Website Design

We have been creating websites since 1997 and have our own server for hosting.
We also register domain names and provide e-mail services at very reasonale rates.
Recent advances in technology mean that we can now design websites that you can update yourself, responsive websites for tablets and portable phones, blogs etc.
If you need a website, please contact us for a quote.